Otjomuise Live Arts Festival Festival Sponsors

The Otjomuise Live Arts Festival extends its gratitude to all stakeholders, partners, creatives, and communities that are contributing to the successful running of the special edition of the festival!


National Arts Council of Namibia 

The government mandated the National Arts Council of Namibia (NACN), through the National Arts Fund (NAF) Act No 1 of 2005, which makes provision for the establishment of a Council to act as an advisory body to the Fund. The Council’s mandate, therefore, is to develop and support programmes and projects that will ensure the continued practice of all art forms in Namibia, to enrich and enhance the national heritage and above all unify all Namibians through arts practice. It is also mandated to advocate, promote, and develop the varying Namibian art forms on a wide scale, locally and internationally. Furthermore, the National Arts Council also has the duty to lead advocacy for the case of the arts, to establish the arts as a viable career and to build an effective creative industry in order to bring prosperity to the nation and alleviate poverty. 

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partners Festival Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration and are grateful for the ongoing support and trust of our partners. Together, we continue to bridge life and arts in the city.


ENK Public ART Group

As a non-profit organization, ENK Public Art Group is focused on creating a much-needed alternative to the CCai sector of Namibia by creating opportunities through public art, giving the tourism sector another creative option, while renovating and beautifying towns and our city of Namibia.

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National Botanical Garden Research Institute 

The National Botanic Garden of Namibia strives to protect and promote the sustainable utilisation of the Namibian flora and to function as an educational and recreational nature facility for Namibians and visitors alike.

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